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project life

Project Life Partners

Project LIFE is a comprehensive, statewide suicide prevention initiative targeting youth ages 10-24 supported by the Delaware Suicide Prevention Coalition (DSPC). 

By creating new programming and leveraging existing sources, the DSPC aims to reduce negative behaviors and enhance resiliency in youth most at-risk for suicide.   


Project LIFE takes a public health and community-based approach to suicide prevention by identifying the broader patterns of suicidal behavior through groups and populations. Following the Guiding Principles of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention, DSPC is designed to be a catalyst for social change, with the power to transform attitudes, policies and services. The goals of Project LIFE are to prevent suicidal behaviors by enhancing resiliency, reduce the impact of suicide and suicidal behaviors on individuals, families and communities, and improve access to an availability of prevention services for vulnerable, high-risk individuals.

Key Partners for Project Life include Delaware Suicide Prevention Coalition Members:

Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families (DSCYF) 

ContactLifeline, Inc. 

Mental Health Association of Delaware 

University of Delaware

Project Life Newsletters

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Fall 2009

Summer 2009

Spring 2010

Project Life Activities

Child Development Community Policing Program (CDCP)

CDCP offers statewide immediate post-trauma counseling and follow-up care to youth and their caretakers to cope with the aftermath of violent and traumatic experiences. For referral information, call (302) 576-3183.

Crisis Helpline for Teens

A Crisis Helpline is available 24/7 for teens and adults supporting teens to share their concerns and to receive counseling and connection to local resources in the Delaware community.  The Crisis Helpline is accessed through the 1-800-273-TALK National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network, with immediate connection to the local Delaware affiliate, ContactLifeline.  

DelTeenSpace Website

A teen website provides information on suicide intervention and prevention for teens in need or who seek information on how to help others.  The site designed to enhance teens ability to participate in prevention activities through social networking and connection to local Delaware resources.  For more information, visit  

Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention and Intervention Training

Gatekeeper Training is designed to teach a network of responsible adults how to respond to youth and college students showing signs of suicidal behavior.
Request a Gatekeeper Training for your organization.

University of Delaware’s Campus Connect Program
Student leaders and staff are trained in suicide prevention for all college students.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Program (ASIST)  
This two-day workshop teaches how to provide emergency first aid to persons at risk of suicidal behavior.  
Brief Overview
Detailed Overview 

Question, Persuade and Refer Program (QPR)  
This two-hour course teaches a three-step intervention plan for individuals, family members and community members who want to help someone who may be considering suicide.  

“Living is For Everyone” Social Marketing Campaign

Project Life’s social marketing campaign, is designed to bring about awareness and change attitudes and approaches towards suicide. 

Suicide Prevention Toolkits

Suicide prevention toolkits are available for distribution to youths, families, educators, and community members throughout Delaware. 
Request a toolkit.

Youth Suicide Prevention Network (YSPN)

YSPN is a network of youth and adult-sponsors from high schools, and other youth organizations throughout Delaware that conduct YSPN funded and sponsored suicide prevention activities for their own schools or organizations. 

Crisis Services - State of Delaware

CIS - Juveniles 
Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families
Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services

The Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services (DPBHS) is part of the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families. DPBHS provides a statewide continuum of prevention, early intervention and mental health and substance abuse (behavioral health) treatment programs for children and youth. These services have graduated levels of intensity and restrictiveness that are child-centered and family focused. Routine outpatient services, crisis services, and central intake are provided by DPBHS.

Please use the crisis service only for mental health/substance abuse emergencies.